The Greeks of the Diaspora: Pontos

Saturday, May 8, 1999, 5:00 pm

LECTURE: The Greeks of the Diaspora: The Greeks of Pontos and the Hellenism of Asia Minor

By: Professor Harry Psomiades, Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Queens College, CUNY, Flushing, NY

The presentation covered the period of 1908-1923 that resulted in the expulsion of Hellenism in Asia Minor.

The period is divided into three segments:

  • 1908-1914, the Young Turk revolution, through the Balkan wars, to the outbreak of WWI.
  • 1914-1918, the war years to the armistice of Mudros
  • 1918-1923, the critical years leading to the extirpation and expulsion of Hellenism in Asia Minor and the Lausanne Treaty

The lecture focused on three inter-related themes - the massacres and deportion of the Pontic Greeks, the  guerilla movement and the Pontic quest for political autonomy and independence.  The lecture will end with the current status of the Pontic Greeks.

Annual Banquet followed at 7:00 pm

At the banquet, a short lecture on "The Greeks of Diaspora: The Events of September 6 and 7, 1955 in Constantinople" was presented.  For more information call 303/643-2948.