What is Hellenic Culture?




Hellenic Culture is both the specific artifacts of the ancients as well as the ideas and ideals of democracy, beauty and balance.

The center of that historically is Athens in the 5th century B.C, but it encompasses both a longer period of time and larger geographic area.

The culture includes more than the specific buildings, plays, art and writings produced at that historical high point. It also includes how the best ideas formulated at that time became inspirational principles for generations to come.

The culture we seek to study and contemplate includes more than that bright moment of time of the fifth century. It is also organically connected to developments both earlier (Archaic, Minoan, Mycenaean and Neolitic) as well as later (Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine).

Finally, while Greek-Americans are proud of this heritage, they do not seek to keep it exclusively for people of this ethnic heritage. You do not have to be Greek in order to be Greek. People of all backgrounds are invited to claim these gifts as their own.