Tantalus World Premiere in Denver

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts
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New October 10: Tantalus author John Barton will participate in a round-table discussion and symposium October 29.

Update on Tantalus

Note Revised performance times and schedules.

Flag Raising Ceremony Marks First Day of Tantalus


Donald Seawell recognized the significant contribution of Greece to the development of theatre: "TANTALUS is all about the birth of that great country which gave [rise] to Western civilization, to democracy and, importantly, gave us the theatre." WHAT: The world premiere of TANTALUS-an unparalleled 10-part theatrical epic inspired by the ancient Greek festivals of 2,500 years ago.

WHY: TANTALUS is written by John Barton-director, playwright and theatre scholar-who draws inspiration from a rich legacy of ancient texts. The stories may be ancient, but TANTALUS is a brand new drama that brings to life the legends of the Trojan War in completely contemporary terms. TANTALUS will be staged by the eminent director of theatre, opera, film and television, Sir Peter Hall. Scenic and Costume Designer is Mr. Dionysis Fotopoulos. Theatrical genius from around the globe, including a cast of 22, will gather in the world-class facilities of The Denver Center for the Performing Arts to create the largest theatrical undertaking in the history of theatre. The Denver engagement is the only chance to see TANTALUS in North America before it embarks on an international tour.

WHO: Produced and presented by the Denver Center Theatre Company, Donovan Marley, Artistic Director, in association with Royal Shakespeare Company, Adrian Noble, Artistic Director. The Denver Center Theatre Company is a division of The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Donald R. Seawell, Founder & Chairman.

"The great thing about [TANTALUS], " said Sir Peter Hall, " is it's funny, it's ironic, it's disturbing, it's moving, and it's a hell of a good story. On one level it's about a terrible little war that no one can any longer remember why it started, how they got into it or how to get out of itů So it's modern, it's contemporary, it's looking at problems that we have today through the prism of the past. And it's that, I think, that has been so wonderful for the whole of Western culture-what the Greeks have given us."

WHERE: TANTALUS plays in the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex, located at Speer & Arapahoe in the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

WHEN: See revised schedule.

HOW: Tickets/information: 800/641-1222 or www.denvercenter.org