Late July update on Tantalus


The Denver Center for the Performing Arts announced today that an English tour of Tantalus has been confirmed. It will begin in January 2001 and play five venues before opening in London in April for a four-week run. The tour was made possible by a grant from the English Arts Council, the cooperation of the Royal Shakespeare Company,and the enthusiasm of the English theatres for the project. Venues will be announced in September. To transfer the production to England in time for the January opening, it will be necessary to end the Denver run of Tantalus on December 2. In addition, after four months of rehearsals, the running time for Tantalus has clocked at 10 hours and 30 minutes. This shorter playing time now makes it possible for the entire cycle to be seen in two days instead of three. Under the new schedule, Tantalus will play Wednesdays/Thursdays and Saturdays/Sundays. On Wednesdays, Part I will begin at 2pm. Dinner in the Donald R. Seawell Grand Ballroom will follow, with part II following dinner and ending at about 10:30pm. Part III will be seen on Thursdays from 7 to 10:30pm. The Saturday/Sunday program will follow a similar pattern, with Saturday curtains at 2pm, followed by dinner and concluding at 10:30pm and Sundays beginning at 2pm and ending at 5:30pm. The previously announced three-day cycles will be seen only during previews.

"We anticipated Tantalus would run longer than it does," said director Sir Peter Hall. "We were wrong. We overestimated the playing time prior to the start of rehearsals, which is not unusual for any play, let alone a cycle of new plays that is being tooled and shaped as it is being staged."

On three occasions-November 18, 25 and December 2-the entire cycle will be performed in a single day. This type of marathon presentation has been extremely popular in England and elsewhere with such epic productions as The Wars of the Roses, Nicholas Nickleby, and The Greeks. The new schedule also means lower ticket prices, since the theatre will be serving fewer meals. Tickets now run $130 to $280. Anyone who has already purchased tickets will be contacted personally beginning August 1 to make schedule and refund adjustments.

"I am delighted by the new developments," said Donald Seawell, Chairman of the Denver Center. "More people can now see Tantalus with less inconvenience and cheaper tickets. The extensive tour of England is the fulfillment of our hopes and expectations and those of our British colleagues. Moreover, we expect that Tantalus will not end there."